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AIMP 4.02

In AIMP is the best audio player we have tried for a long time. Beautiful design and many features make it an ideal choice as the standard player.

With AIMP, you can organize MP3 files in the library, edit tags as needed and enjoy excellent sound quality. AIMP works with other popular formats and files from different karaoke playlists formats.

AIMP offers all the usual playback features found in other similarApplications: A 18-band equalizer, visualization effects, seperate window to view your current playlist fading effect between songs, normalize filter for sudden volume changes and global shortcut support.

NoAIMP more. The program also plays online streaming radio stations, including full-featured editor and can be set to a particular part of the song, which is useful when trying to understand the text repeat!

In interfaceSa AIMPIs both attractive and easy to understand. All features and buttons are clear, and designs can be lesnopromeneni furry.

We tried to find one, but there are really no disadvantages about AIMP. This is a great audio player you just have to try.

If you’re still looking for the best music player, AIMP can answer.

AIMP 4.02

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