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Netflix is ​​a streaming video application that allows you to access the huge library of film and television shows.

Netflix is ​​applying for Windows A a modern, easy-to-use interface for Windows 8 with a beautiful interface. On the main screen, you will find 3 of your most recent videos and your Instant Queue. Move left, and you will see typical videos that are popular with the content of Netflix and video by genre.

Everything works smoothly and the video looks lush.Management organs are large and easy to navigate, especially with the touch, although the application works correctly with the mouse and keyboard. The entire interface does not exit too far from the Netflix website and other applications. TVs and television shows are aligned on the web with a large movie or show snapshot.

Netflix will save you if you are preparing or closing the program, and you can look at any other device supported by Netflix. This is very useful if you wantpreview the tablets to look at the big screen.

Neflix also supports Multitasking Windows 8. You can attach the Netflix application on both sides of the screen to watch video in a small screen while using another application. In addition, you can get Netflix as the main application and pin it dodatkaporuch more multidisciplinary with Netflix in the big window. Each Netflix app can be used even in the multidisciplinary mode.

Generally speaking, Netflix brings the Aalkikino and TV viewing experiences to Windows 8 and 10.


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