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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – the latest version of the popular Konami football game for Windows. Although PES 2013 is very similar to Pro Evoultion Soccer 2012, it includes some subtle changes to improve gameplay and graphics.


The game of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is more convenient than the previous one that robitsyaemore like a simulation myachapravilny football, not style arcade style of PES 2012. Although some of the elements seem to be very excited about FIFA 12, it’s not bad.


Operating system PES 2012 has been strengthened for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Konami developers call novuyusistemuControl PES FullControl. There is a dynamic function of the first touch, in which players can grab the ball, ispolzuyaR2 to get instant control of the ball.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 offers manual passes, and the first to introduce hand-shooter game that allows you to zmyanyatsvyshynyu and the strength of each.FullControl also improves dribbling, slows the player’s speed and allows the player to add different styles to close control by R2 buttons.

schipatRuchnoe control that comes FullControl system in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will definitely make the game better, that paraduevopytnyh supportersPES. However, beginners can still play and play games without any problems.

Tactical screen from previous versions have not yet been added – and still feels a bit fragile. Having said that, the strategy changes to the game has been made much bolsheprohladno because that is shtotrenerin a small box in the corner of the screen to shout instructions when you call.

There are some toys in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, which makes it easy to kill. For example, you can still get the defenders easily using the long ball combo / chips.


professionalEvolutionSoccer2013 focused on improving the ease of a player, so players in the game behave exactly like its real partner – a system called «PlayerID» developer. Famous players will run, turn, trap, balloons, and even celebrate, as in real life.

As for padabenstvagultsov,PES 2013 is closest to the reality that we see with igryfutbol – better than FIFA 12. General graphics in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is excellent, from the smooth entry into the team to detail sets and shoes.

Unfortunately, the animation player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 neatly in place. The way the players turn their backs, feelclumsy and unrealistic throws and a goalkeeper throws laughter and twitches. In fact, the correct attachment for goalkeepers with versiiranshe, does not seem to work – in fact, the goal is more than ever before!

Engine Impact Player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 davolivrazhvae; you noticeplayers cling to each other and how they affect your movement. Nevertheless, it remains the engine behind FIFA in terms of the degree of the collision animation.


Onikotorye disappointed PES 2012 will receive some changes from the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, but in raneyshamushmat games to improve.

ProEvolution Soccer 2013 – this is a good football of good quality, that looks great and now gives you more control than ever before.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

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