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Skate 3

Tony Hawks skateboarding fans that do not turn a lot of inflation and skate franchise. And the third part of the series is always in reality, Skate 3, without exception. As in the real game, the game requires the time and patience of master his intricacies, simple techniques that are difficult even the first. However, knowledge and judgment are beneficial.

Skate World

Patim3s over franchise, it’s a social perspective. Promote the game at all, your pictures, video calls and custom park exchanges. And it’s all savedIn the cloud, as it allows access to all the people you want. You already have a great amount of content.

You can participate in individual events (in theory) are busy in the field, competing in groups together and participating in events such as History batekinErrazagoa. All of this is done for one purpose and that it is open online and offline. There is no protection when it comes to play as free as solitary, that no one else has to be taken, but, in many cases,Usually social experience.

Skate 3 is available to the public. There are three difficulty levels, maps and skills skaters and eratecasJauziak fácilexecutar more techniques. So to know what kind of game you enter, there is a lot of challenges for you.

Availability of simulation and ratio

Skate franchise control amazing system. With the right analog stick and move the board, we control the movement of your left skater (which is really a gamepad). Combos and tricks to rearrange Falan sticks to go right, such a quick behaviorMugimenduekinEskuineko Ollie down and then up. This applies to a breakthrough of deep technique, technical movements, for example, two and hand hand, requiring real knowledge.

This increases the level of difficulty and rewards like Skate 3 simulation. He maneuvered in the air over the ground to ensure that the Hawk game video was more relaxed than usual.

The graphics are actually a small step forward 3rentz Skate. World, stable and wide, but not doing anything. This, in general, for the localsThe world must be very good, social issues, the environment feels like a city of spirit, a city that stimulates more services.

Unfortunately, xogosÉ is a big problem for the camera. Often they are struggling to get the right angle for the fight, they change the space in the difficulty to control your character.

Wear skates

Skate 3 is a game for sports fans. The simulation offers the best experience, the ability to convert the city skate park and all social features of the game, the advanced step to develop. Pode Negagovo but forgotten,For example, a lack of variety in the message, and the camera often experiences problems in the budget.Oro online, Skate 3 up and increases the game experience.

Skate 3

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