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Transformice is free to play online games that offer a bad sense of humor and many different options to create the perfect strategy. The main purpose of the game is to look at cheese and bring home and players can decide whether they will do it through cooperation or by stopping other players.

Get your Squeak

Main goalThe game on Transformice is the first mouse to bring home cheese. The clock is about to start the game and the player only has two minutes to do it. thereThere are many different obstacles andtraps that need to be overcome with the help of other mice players, although players must realize that the mice they work with will eventually do everything to win.

No More Mouse Nice Mr

For those who like to play strategy games and choose to play with other online players, Transformice is a wonderful game that is attractive and addictive. However, the real pleasure comes when you decide to embrace the dark side and practice a more cruel strategy. There isMany ways to send friends who punish them, such ascrooking them, literally stabbing them, or even convincing a shaman to curse them.


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